Super Junior Henry's Shocking Statement About Lee Hyori


2014.07.30 09:12

  • Yesterday (7/29) evening, during SBS's "Magic Eye" show, Henry of Super Junior made the shocking statement that he likes Lee Hyori not because she is beautiful, but, on the contrary, because she is not that pretty.

    It all started when Hong Jin-kyung said that she heard that Henry was a fan of Lee Hyori. Henry told the other guests and the audience how he once saw Lee Hyori’s face without makeup. He also made the awkward statement that he liked the fact that, unlike other artists, Lee Hyori is not that pretty.

    Lee Hyori remembered the episode of her appearance without makeup, during the ‘Family Outing’ show. Henry explained that he admired very much Lee Hyori for having the confidence of showing up on screen without any makeup, resolving this way the misunderstanding created by his initial statement.

  • Mihai

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